Volunteer Wyoming

Wyoming is growing and we are facing some challenges with this growth. As our state’s commission for service and volunteerism, we needed to do more to expand our services and serve our state’s needs beyond what the federal government mandates us to do with our AmeriCorps programs.

This is why Volunteer Wyoming was created. This project was designed to:

  • Engage volunteers both new to volunteering and new to Wyoming;
  • Prevent repeat volunteer fatigue by providing alternative volunteer opportunities;
  • Link more nonprofits to potential volunteers;
  • Assist organizations with volunteer management; and
  • Enhance the quality of volunteering in Wyoming.

The program is available to any organization and volunteer in Wyoming. Volunteer Wyoming operates via our Call Center (307-234-3428) and our online database, www.volunteerwyoming.org.

The Volunteer Wyoming website is an essential part of the Volunteer Wyoming program which helps track and support statewide and community-based volunteer promotion, recognition, event management and volunteer management. This provides a core infrastructure to link together all the various community volunteer activities, opportunities and needs. This volunteer database is FREE and accessible to any organization in the state that utilizes volunteers. In addition, any volunteer in Wyoming can post a profile to be considered for a volunteer position.

You can visit the Volunteer Wyoming site one of two ways: (1) go to www.servewyoming.org and click on the orange "Volunteer" button or (2) go to www.volunteerwyoming.org and start searching Wyoming volunteer opportunities or create an agency profile and upload your own.

Training is very important to the success of this project. That is why Volunteer Wyoming offers volunteer management and recruitment trainings that cover issues such as volunteer opportunity descriptions, procedures, recognition and retention, evaluation, and courses on how to keep volunteers motivated and well trained.

Volunteer Wyoming continues to offer technical support, spread information about effective volunteer management, and help match volunteer needs with opportunities by providing organizations with individual volunteers. If you want additional information about the Volunteer Wyoming program, contact Wendy Luck at wendy@servewyoming.org or (307) 234-3428.

Visit the Volunteer Wyoming website.

Download the Volunteer Wyoming PDF.