Make-A-Wish Volunteer Shares Her Story!

A resident of Cheyenne, Chassity has been a volunteer with Make-A-Wish® Wyoming for over 10 years and has served as a Wish Granter on dozens of wishes which have brought hope, strength and joy to children in her area. This is her story.

In 1998, my brother was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the age of 19. His treatments involved long stays in Denver with my mother while the rest of the family continued on in Cheyenne. As a family, we experienced the hurt, the joy, the fear, the anger, and all of the other emotions that accompany a cancer diagnosis. At the end of his treatment, my family took a trip to California as a celebration of his remission status. This was a time for my family to not worry about the next step, the next treatment, or even the next appointment. It was a time for laughter, for joy, and for a celebration of the miracles we had received.

This trip became the reason I volunteered with Make-A-Wish. A few short years later, I was given the opportunity to support an organization to benefit my community. Make-A-Wish immediately came to mind. As a mom of two children, a full time job, and a family of my own, I was unsure at first how much extra time I would have. The time I volunteer is completely up to my schedule and I have found that am always able to find the extra time to support a wish child and their family. The staff in Casper makes the extra effort and takes the time to reach out to their volunteers and educate them on the organization's goals and expectations. They are very supportive, helpful, and responsive to any problems that could potentially arise. I have never felt that I was just a volunteer; instead, I feel that this is my family and that my support and dedication is just as valuable.

As a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Wyoming since 2003, I am able participate in making dreams, hopes, and wishes come true for many children located in the Cheyenne area. I come with arms loaded with balloons, gifts, cookies or cake, hugs and smiles and am able to deliver joy and happiness to these families that are in a scary time. It is humbling to be one of the people that can bring a sense of relief to a child who has lived in uncertainty and has been through the emotional roller coaster of treatments, doctor appointments, medical costs, and at times family separation. The great experiences that I have been able to be a part of with Make-A-Wish have had an enriching affect not only the lives of its recipients, but my life as well. For these reasons and many more, I truly love Make-A-Wish and will continue to volunteer with this wonderful organization and be passionate about its goals.

Make-A-Wish Wyoming grants the wishes of Wyoming children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. If you are interested in volunteering as a Wish Granter like Chassity, please contact the statewide office located in Casper at 888.WYO.WISH, or email Community Relations Coordinator Tess Kersenbrock at