Emergency Preparedness

Serve Wyoming is dedicated to the preparation of everyday citizens in the case of disasters. We encourage every citizen to become more informed and prepared. Some of the ways you can become more prepared is by taking a first aid and CPR class, or going through a local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training held by your local emergency management office, or by creating a 72 hour go kit (a kit that contains food, water, medication, first aid kit, flashlight, battery operated radio, extra batteries, tools, clothing, personal items, sanitary supplies, contact information, child care supplies, pet supplies, a map, money, and any additional items you feel you would need to survive for 72 hours on your own if there was a disaster). This will help you help yourself in a time when there may not be anyone else to assist you. Because we as an organization feel that emergency preparedness is an important area we require our AmeriCorps members to attend some of the before mentioned trainings, thus increasing the number of individuals who are ready for a disaster when it strikes. Please join us in becoming responsible members of your communities and get prepared! Serve Wyoming plays an important leadership role as well as helping to address issues related to volunteers before and after a disaster. If you would like to pre-register as a disaster response volunteer in your area please contact Jessica Stanbury at (307) 234-3428. If your agency would like more information on how to deal with spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers (SUVs) after a disaster please contact Jessica at (307) 234-3428 and ask about setting up a volunteer reception center (VRC).