Bill Schieck, Employee at Interfaith / Active Volunteer

“Clinton, just a note to thank you for everything you've done for me personally and for the organizations I have been associated with.  The assignment you arranged for me at Interfaith has been a real eye opener as far as the help that is given to the residents of Natrona County and Casper in particular.  The staff at Interfaith is extremely dedicated to their clients and in helping volunteers to absorb the many facets of social work.  Joshua's Storehouse dispenses much needed foodstuffs to the residents of Natrona County and is a great aid to Interfaith in their continued support of the agencies of the county.  The college’s Tate and Werner Wildlife museums have been wonderful as far as imparting knowledge of Wyoming's past and being able to spread a little of that to the patrons of the museums.  All in all the above named agencies are among the many that could not survive without volunteers, and your service in locating willing volunteers is an invaluable aid to all.  THANKS for the efforts on my behalf and in the securement of people to volunteer for all the agencies in Casper and Natrona County.”