Action Resources International: AmeriCorps Rural Intermediary Program

P.O. BOX 536
968 N. 9th St.
Laramie, WY 82073
Program Coordinator: Katie Case

About ARI AmeriCorps Rural Intermediary Program

The ARI Wyoming AmeriCorps Rural Intermediary Program partners with small, rural, and fledgling community-based organizations to transform emergency response efforts into programs that address the core issues that create poverty, health disparities, and food insecurity to begin with. These partnerships allow ARI AmeriCorps to build national service sites across a vastly rural, high elevation landscape to decrease health disparities that leave individuals and families without high-quality preventive health care, prescriptions for chronic illness management, and supplemental wellness programs to promote long-term general health; to increase food production and distribution in communities to feature the highest quality produce, grains, and proteins necessary for a healthy life, and long term, local food production and distribution efforts that engage participants in contributing to the production and distribution process; and to fight poverty through community engagement activities and increasing community-based voice and leadership for safety, health, and wellness.