Anna McMahon, ServeWyoming

The Firefighter's Combat Challenge was held the weekend of September 10t-11th as a way to not only commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, but to remember the heroes who gave their lives that day, and celebrate those who continue to serve our country.  Firemen and women from across the country came together to perform relay events, showcasing their skills individually and as a team.  ServeWyoming helped sponsor the event and managed a booth, encouraging others to sign up to be disaster relief volunteers.  We are currently gathering a pool of volunteers who, in the event of a disaster emergency, would be called upon to give their time, skills, and energy.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet people in the community, support local firefighters, and have some fun!  We were able to sign up eleven volunteers over the weekend and are always looking for more people willing to help!!