Anna McMahon, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer

I met Deborah Ellis, Director and overall dog guru, through my work with ServeWyoming.  Having seen Ellis in action, I am truly amazed by her determination to work for the well-being of all lost and abandoned dogs in Lander.  Despite having little financial help from the city, The Lander Pet Connection continues to take in new dogs, while caring for the ones already in custody.  The Lander Pet Connection is a no-kill shelter, so dogs may stay longer than in other shelters.  With the help of those at Furry Friends Pet Grooming and Boarding, who graciously offer boarding at a reduced rate, LPC has managed to find suitable space for the Pet Connection dogs without actually having a shelter.  They are currently working towards building a shelter of their own, but in the mean time they must do with what they have.  I have volunteered my time to the Pet Connection by walking dogs.   Rocky, abandoned and left outside with his mother and sister, is one of my favorites.  He may be a little feisty while caged, but outside he is much more docile.  Not only do I get to fulfill my need to interact with dogs, but the dogs get a chance for one-on-one attention and exercise.  The Lander Pet Connection is a nonprofit truly deserving of a volunteers' time and effort.