Amanda, WY Coalition for Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Amanda in Sheridan shared the following about her AmeriCorps service: March has been especially busy with new victims, and many more people coming to our center. One particular person that utilized the services we have available was a middle aged man, in need of a stalking order. He was very upset about the whole situation, and couldn't believe that at his age, and his stature, that HE would need something like this. I accompanied him to his court hearing, where he was very well composed and told the judge exactly why he felt he needed this order. His order was granted, and he was so thankful for the help I was able to give. He thoroughly enjoyed the services I provided to him, that he made a donation to our center, of $1,000.00 dollars. This story really makes me thankful for the work that I am able to do. I think that it helps me bring myself back to the "ground" (so to say), because it helps me to remember how valuable our services truly are to the one's we help. This story also reminds me that harassment and violence are everywhere, and that everyone is affected either directly or indirectly by the actions of others. My whole goal through my AmeriCorps service has been to instill more information into the community about the services we do, and I think this case shows my success.